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7 Steps to Foil Murphy’s Law While on Vacation

At this time of year, many people travel for graduations, weddings, reunions or vacations. There is so much to remember and organize, it is easy to forget some really important things to do before we go. In this instance, “Murphy’s...
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An ounce of prevention

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of “burglar you are not welcome here” Are you familiar with the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you first recognize something is out of place? For one Alarms...
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Give us a call, we’ll pop on by!

You never know when you’ll need the friendly and knowledgeable guys at Alarms Unlimited to show up! Give us a call, we’ll pop on by! (619) 297-4500....
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Securing Your Property

GARAGE Garage doors are a common means of entry to your house, as well as offering a burglar the opportunity to steal automobiles, tools, bicycles, and other property stored in the garage. Keep your garage door closed and locked. Do...
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